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Broker Name:Ronald Cervelli
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Adult Day Care Services
Bergen County , NJ
Listing ID: SVS368

Listing DetailsFFE: $ 55,000 (Included in Price)
Inventory: $ 1,500 (Included in Price)
Reason for Sale:

The sale is due to the Corporate landlord not involved in this industry.

Training & Support:

The business will require a marketing plan, web site, etc. to enroll clients and develop the center, however, substantial demand exists in this area for this service.

OperationsYear Established: 2017
Absentee Owner: No
LocationLease Expire: 0000-00-00
Square Footage: 9000

This modern 9,000 square foot facility will consist of a fully equipped center with an estimated capacity for one hundred adults. The facility is located on an active county road which will be convenient to all the clients they serve. This business is in Northern New Jersey, Bergen County, which consists of various affluent highly populated communities with continued demand for this industry.

SummaryBusiness Description:

Unusual business opportunity available, for lease, with all required municipal approvals. This modern nine thousand (9,000) square foot professional facility is fully equipped and designed for adult day care services.
This is a non-medical business transaction which will include, the required valuable, municipal certificate of occupancy with the capacity for approximately one hundred adult residents. The facility is in a highly affluent and populated city of Northern Bergen County, New Jersey and conveniently located near to all the required amenities for quality service. The operator must have HMO approvals to develop the required business relationships and to conduct operations. The senior care services industry will experience significant growth over the next 10 years. In 2018, the market for in-home care is projected to reach approximately $25 billion, exhibiting a decade-long average compound annual growth rate of 10% and this industry is in its infancy. In today's business environment, how many industries can you identify that can feasibly project this growth rate? Thousands of individuals have been able to remain at home with their families and attend the Adult Day Center instead of being institutionalized. Today, there are 40 million adults age 65+ in the U.S. What's more, this population is expected to nearly double to 70 million over the next 30 years. With an increasing average life expectancy for Americans reaching well over 75 years of age, the need for senior care will continue to escalate. Each year, many frail and disabled elderly are institutionalized prematurely or unnecessarily due to the lack of affordable quality care in our communities. The center will offer an exciting activity day for seniors requiring daytime adult non-medical supervision. The Center will provide the opportunity for the frail elderly to live out their lives with dignity and independence with a modern state of the art facility for their daily needs. They will develop an individual daily itinerary to match the senior’s specific needs and assist with memory loss and maintain an appropriate staff to client ratio for these situations. The center will supply a day of Caring kindness and compassion to their seniors and they will conduct daily pickups and drop offs in their luxurious busses. This is a dependable business opportunity and based on the asking price, required down payment and yearly net income, this business expects to supply a substantial investment return to the owner operator prior to debt service. This business opportunity will offer a fifteen-year commercial lease which expires 2032-01-01 plus additional options, with a rent cost of $18.00 per square feet. Landscaping maintenance, irrigation & snow removal, Electric, HVAC, which are roof top gas fired units, HVAC annual maintenance - cleaning & changing filters. The fire & smoke detectors are monitored 24/7 & that is also include, Sewers are municipal & water is included. The business assets are estimated at $55,000 based on buildout cost, the municipal certificate of occupancy. The sale includes a certificate of occupancy from the municipality, and the required state license is available upon submission of the necessary application. NJ State licenses are routinely available based on request and the appropriate individual qualifications. This transaction will represent a lease agreement with the landlord and the cost to the new operator should be limited to legal cost, rent security, interior equipment, furniture and licensing fees, web site, etc. Estimated closing cost and working capital can be a minimum of $100,000. This lease transaction is also subject to a qualified operator with appropriate financial qualifications. The enclosed gross and net incomes are estimates based on industry norms and operators marketing success.


To the best of our knowledge, due to limitations for the municipal certificate of occupancy, no other new competitors are expected near to this location and the landlord has agreed to supply a long term non-compete agreement to the purchaser.

Potential Growth:

The business will require a marketing plan, web site, etc. to enroll clients and develop the center, however, substantial demand exists in this area for this service.