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Broker Name:Ronald Cervelli
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Environmental Consulting and Compliance Co.
Middlesex County , NJ
Listed Price: $ 850,000
Listing ID: SVS383

Listing DetailsGross Revenue: $ 1,170,659
Cash Flow: $ 404,850
FFE: $ 235,000 (Included in Price)
Inventory: $ 2,500 (Included in Price)
Reason for Sale:

The sale is due to the owner’s retirement after many successful years.

Training & Support:

The owner is available to remain post-closing and is prepared to supply an appropriate transitional period to the new owner / operator. Also, if required the seller will supply additional training or work part time post-closing at a fair cost to the purchaser.

OperationsYear Established: 2001
Days & Hours of Operation: Mon.-Fri. 9am-5pm
Non-owner Payroll: $ 30,000
Employees: 9
Absentee Owner: No
LocationLease Expire: 0000-00-00
Lease Security: 5000
Monthly Rent: $ 3,675
Square Footage: 1500

The company is Licensed and functions throughout the state of New Jersey and is presently located in Northern Central New Jersey. This non-retail facility is in a 1,500 square foot commercial setting and has an attractive professional appearance.

SummaryBusiness Description:

Wonderful business opportunity for this successful Environmental Consulting & Compliance Company that has developed a highly successful reputation and extensive experience in the remediation and service of soil contamination during the past 17 years. The owner of the company does not have to be licensed, most remediation firms have a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) on staff who oversees the soil remediation project from beginning to end. The company has a long history in soil remediation across the state of New Jersey and has amassed impressive project success with specific statistical data. This environmental consulting company has a yearly gross income of $1,170,659 and a consistent yearly net income of $404,850 to the owner operator. The business operation has a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) who coordinates and oversees each of the soil remediation project. The process is standard, the contaminated soil is removed, and field screening will be performed to determine if all contamination has been excavated. Once the soil is screened and determined to be clean, then soil samples will be collected from the excavation area and final testing will be completed, to determine if any additional soil remediation is required. Upon completion of all site remediation projects, a full Remedial Action Report is prepared for submission to the NJDEP. At that time the NJDEP will issue a No Further Action (NFA) for the property and the company coordinates every step of the process. The company has a variety of cutting-edge methods to find hidden tanks, including ground penetrating radar (GPR), magnetometry, for probing underground tank inspections. Their equipment can find tanks at depths of 20 feet and their oil tank services include a visible interior and exterior inspection of the property. Their technicians have been extensively trained in locating underground storage tanks. This is a dependable safe business opportunity and based on the asking price, required down payment and yearly net income, this business expects to supply a consistent return on investment to the owner operator. Additionally, the real estate is available to purchase as an option.


Regarding competition, the state requires specific licensing which limits new competition and to the best of our knowledge, due to various other circumstances, no other new competitors are expected near to this business. Additionally, the owner has agreed to supply an appropriate non-compete agreement to the purchaser.

Potential Growth:

The business presently has a limited marketing plan, no local advertising, basic web site and if improved can further develop the business yearly gross sales.


Is available to a qualified buyer with an appropriate down payment.