Restaurant Pizzeria
(Food and Beverage, Pizzeria)
Bergen, New Jersey
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Absentee Owner: No
LocationLease Expire: 0000-00-00




SummaryBusiness Description:

Sold, High volume Pizzeria & Catering business $23,000 weekly gross income and a Net yearly income of $275,000. The facility consists of a free standing building, ultra modern design, 2,400 square feet with a large dining room and a separate fast food counter for walk in service. The facility has a seating capacity for 82 customers and a huge commercial kitchen. The facility also has a 1,800 square feet basement consisting of a large prep kitchen, walk in boxes and private office. The business is fully equipped with the highest quality equipment, well maintained and in excellent working condition. The owner has retired after thirty five years in the industry and is prepared to train and remain post closing for a full transition period. The sale includes a long term lease at a reasonable rent and a first right of refusal option to purchase the real estate. Based on the asking price, required down payment and net income this business should supply a substantial return to the owner operator prior to debt service. Located in an upscale North Jersey community and an active commercial area with many businesses and continued demand for this service. There is also a large residential population in the surrounding municipalities who require this food product. The facility is ultra modern 2,400 square feet with a large high capacity commercial kitchen and a separate dining room.  The facility has been fully upgraded with a clean modern appearance.