Our Professionals

Our team will guide you throughout the buying or selling process—our experts make the process seamless for you.

Team Turner

Jim Turner, CPA, CVA, CMEA

Jim is the president and founder of Turner Business Appraisers and Brokers.  He is a certified public accountant, a certified valuation analyst and a certified machinery & equipment appraiser, making him a triple threat broker with the capacity to provide some of the most comprehensive services available for any business transaction.  As an expert in taxation with 20 years of experience, Jim’s knowledge and expertise are beneficial to buyers and sellers alike because he is able to identify any tax complications that may arise in conjunction with the sale or purchase of a business.

Jim helps business owners make a smooth transition by providing guidance and support throughout the sale from start to finish.  This includes preparing comprehensive analyses to determine the fair market value of the business, implementing marketing strategies to solicit qualified buyers, negotiating price for maximum results, developing exit strategies and closing the deal.

Because he has been a business owner for nearly 13 years, Jim connects with his clients and understands their needs. His devotion to exceed the expectations of his clients is evident in the level of care and attentiveness with which he approaches each and every business deal.

Bill Smoak
Vice President

Bill is the Vice President of Turner Business Appraisers & Brokers and assists with the management of business operations.  Bill successfully passed the North Carolina CPA Exam and is currently pursuing the certified machinery & equipment designation from the NEBB Institute. Bill is adept with technology and is a quick study on just about any subject and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Ed Steh, CPA
Corporate Secretary

Ed is the corporate secretary of the firm and assists with the management of business operations.  He is a graduate of Cornell University and earned his Masters of Accountancy from California State University-Fullerton.  Ed is a certified public accountant and is currently pursuing the certified valuation analyst designation with NACVA.  Ed is adept at communication and salesmanship, making him a good ally when selling your business.

Debbie King, Bookkeeper
Real Estate Advisor

Debbie prepares payroll, tax deposits, QuickBooks entries, and handles all aspects of accounts payable and receivable. Additionally, she has an extensive background in real estate, including the management of rental property, earnest money and trust accounts, creating reports and preparing paperwork for closings. Debbie was a successful realtor for many years and is currently pursuing the renewal of her real estate license after a brief sabbatical. Debbie is dependable, helpful and friendly and her real estate knowledge is especially beneficial when buying or selling a business as many of the same industry principles apply.

Brooke Sherrill, Office Administrator

Brooke assists with the design and development of marketing resources and oversees the execution of advertising and marketing plans for our clients.  Brooke regularly represents Team Turner at conferences and other customer care events in addition to handling all aspects of office administration.  Brooke is very personable and articulate, making each customer feel valued and appreciated.