Bail Bonds Company

Location: All Counties, New Jersey

Industry: Services

Sold, Highly profitable industry requiring No experience, with continued demand for this personal service and the sale is due to owner’s illness and retirement. This company has a gross yearly income of $5,500,000 and a consistent net yearly income of $820,000 which can be further developed with an improved marketing system. The industry requires licensing and bonding and is considered a highly professional profitable service to the clients it services. The bondmen is fully protected for final loss due to its relationship with Surety insurance company and the customer’s personal collateral. When in need of Bail Bond service in New Jersey, this long standing licensed and trained Bonded Company will help arrange release on Bail for your loved one. They serve their clients in all New Jersey Courts, Jails and Police Departments. Bail is the amount of money (Cash, Bond or Real Property) required by court to release a defendant from custody and guarantee their appearance in court. It is essentially a three-party contract between the State, the Defendant and the Surety Company. This Bail Bonds Company is experienced in dealing with each New Jersey County Jail, Court and Police Department and the seller will supply a full transitional training period to the new owner operator. The company is fully aware that incarceration will create a financial burden to hard working families when the individual cannot continue to maintain his day to day employment responsibilities. This personal service company acts swiftly and professional to have the defendant released so they can return to work and support themselves. The company offers confidential professional service to its clients. The sale includes a state and municipal licenses and the necessary approval with the Surety Insurance Company to conduct its day to day business.

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