Commercial HVAC Company

Location: New York

Industry: Services

Recently Sold, New York HVACR company that services various commercial companies including hotel chains and franchise businesses with their refrigeration, heating and air conditioning needs. This is non-residential, commercial contracts only. The business has a gross yearly income of $1,811,000 and a net yearly income of $509,000. The company services all of its customer’s needs, from light commercial to industrial HVAC applications and commercial refrigeration. They are committed to excellence from installation to products in order to best service to customer care. This particular business has twelve employees who are unaware of the pending sale and fully expected to remain post-closing. The business was valued at $950,000, based on a multiple of the average net yearly income which includes the specific business assets and possible seller financing has been approved to a qualified buyer with an appropriate down payment, collateral and credit rating.

Regal Consulting Corp.
575 Route 28
Suite 204
Raritan, New Jersey 08869
Telephone: 973 837-0808
Fax: 973 837-0090