Market Research Company

Location: New York/New Jersey

Industry: Services

Recently Sold, market Research Company with a gross yearly income of $6,805,478 and a net yearly income of $1,232,956. The company is located in the New York, New Jersey metropolitan area and services National fortune 500 companies throughout the county. This is an exceptional opportunity to own a top-notch business that enables you the chance to be creative, as well as challenged since every project is unique. This long-standing business is relied on by many fortune 500 companies as an extension of their product development as they work within their yearly budgets partnering with this company. As one of the premier consumer private research company, they also offer the best quality kitchen facilities on the east coast. This opportunity boasts long, lasting relationships with both the local community as well as many of the top food, beverage, and fragrance manufacturers. Established over 25 years ago, the purchaser will have the opportunity to grow with the industry and be an integral part of the reasons why products make the grocery shelves. This industry projects a 12% increase in customer demand for the next ten years. Market research is an indispensable tool for businesses, non-profits, and other organizations to gain information that can help with developing and improving products, better understanding customer sentiment, gaining insights into new and current target markets, analyzing trends and the competition, and much more. As a full-service research company, they can conduct market research surveys by virtually any method, including in house service, live telephone, automated telephone, web/online, direct mail, or personal canvassing. Market research helps companies to successfully focus on their current and future customers by understanding their views on their products and services. The data analysis from market research supplies a clear picture of what their customers want, allowing a competitive edge in their industry. The Company has 50 full time employees with specific job responsibilities including numerous part time / subcontractors who supply the particular research.

Regal Consulting Corp.
575 Route 28
Suite 204
Raritan, New Jersey 08869
Telephone: 973 837-0808
Fax: 973 837-0090