Restoration Company

Location: New Jersey

Industry: Construction

Recently sold, Most unusual business opportunity for this highly successful restoration construction company with 97% of the income based on continued referrals from numerous insurance companies. They provide multiple services for the insurance industry such as preparing estimates, guaranteeing required repairs, etc., which represents the majority of their gross income. This twenty-five-year-old company has a gross yearly income of $9,250,000 and a net yearly income of $2,192,382. This company has contracts with various insurance companies to either appraise or remedy repair property damage that is covered by to their real estate property customers. The company is a licensed contractor, certified in Water Damage Restoration Technology, and specializes in fire and water restoration. Because an emergency can strike anyone at any time, the various insurance companies that they represent requires evaluations and professional service. This service company immediately deals with the emergency and turns a devastating situation into one that is not so overwhelming. They take into consideration all factors, in order to control the overall cost of a job, it is imperative to act immediately. They provide a prompt response time with a courteous and professional team that will help and guide the insurance customers every step of the way. As an approved vendor for many insurance companies they have established an excellent working rapport with the insurance professionals. They pride themselves on building a trusting relationship with each customer, by providing the personal attention required. This business transaction consists of a turnkey commercial adjuster / contractor, which includes various computers and software for this particular industry, including all the necessary equipment to maintain the day to day business operation and a list of assets will be supplied to purchaser upon request.

Regal Consulting Corp.
575 Route 28
Suite 204
Raritan, New Jersey 08869
Telephone: 973 837-0808
Fax: 973 837-0090