Reasons Why Now Is the Time to Sell Your Company

Selling a business represents a major financial and emotional decision that most business owners will face some day. Often, it can be hard to discern when it’s the right time to sell. Sometimes business owners move to sell too quickly and are left with remorse and no idea what they will do next. Other times, waiting for the perfect time to sell can result in selling a company too late.

Although every business owner has their own timeline, here are a few indicators that now is the right time to sell:

  1. Emergency circumstances such as a divorce, illness, disability, or loss of partnership may necessitate a quick sale. Unfortunately, a forced sale can reduce the sale price of a company if proper planning wasn’t in place before the emergency.
  2. There is no one to inherit the company. If daughters or sons show no interest in running the business and have moved on, business owners need to consider selling when it’s time to retire.
  3. If an owner receives a purchase offer out of the blue, he/she should seriously consider the financial and emotional implications of the offer. Out of the blue offers don’t come along very often.
  4. If the owner is burnout and has lost interest in running the company, they should consider selling. It’s better to sell and get out before your profits begin reflecting your mental state.

Regardless of when or why you sell, the key factor in a successful sale is preparation. Knowing what your business is worth and having a well thought out exit plan provide business owners the freedom to decide when the time is right to sell. A reliable and honest business broker can help sellers determine the right time to exit. At Regal Consulting Corp., our professional team of business brokers has years of experience helping clients sell businesses in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Connecticut. Our expertise, integrity, and marketing tools ensure we price your business appropriately, identify a qualified buyer, and close the deal. Call us today and we can begin with a thorough business valuation and exit plan.